A great story in exactly 100 words

Peppa Pig’s Temper Tantrum is a 100 word story written by Brilee T from Specimen Hill Primary School in Victoria, Australia.

A great story 

Brilee created this award-winning story after being challenged to write a “crazy pet” story. Brilee was voted the national champion in the grade 5/6 category of the Storyathon competition. Australian students voted for his story from 15,000 entries and 750 finalists. The Bendigo Advertiser wrote an article on this achievement in November 2019.

Storyathon is an exciting and free online event where students are challenged to write a story in exactly 100 words. 

Importance of teaching students how to write

To foster a community of budding young writers, teachers can create an environment where students feel safe, can take risk as well as get the support they need to learn the skills essential to writing. In this way, an online event that challenges students to write short stories can be extremely useful and fun.

Benefits of microstories

1. Microstories or short stories are easy to share or even read aloud.
2. These stories can stand alone but they can also be lengthened or connected to other pieces.
3. It is a fun and easy challenge – students don’t have to spend too long on them. 
4. Microstories force a student to write succinctly. They learn to cut out unnecessary words and to find new ways of expression.
5. Practice makes perfect. Any form of story writing is good practice. Short stories are a good way to ease into the writing process. Over time, it becomes easier for students to write.

 If you’re a teacher looking for ideas on developing creative writing skills for your students, consider the free, online event by storyathon.com . 

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