Analysing student writing and determining common mistakes

Analysing Student Writing and Determining Common Mistakes

Are you looking to identify clear trends in your students’ writing? Would you like to gather data that can help you develop supporting activities to better target the teaching of spelling at both the class and individual level?

We are unbelievably excited to announce the release of Spelling Analytics within Writing Legends. We feel this will be of tremendous benefit  to both teachers and students.

Teachers are able to identify clear trends and the associated action items to better target teaching. Students are provided a breakdown of common spelling mistakes enabling them to work on their individual issues.

Spelling Analytics is an area we are continuing to evolve. It has been created by analysing over 15 million words written by students and it specifically looks at over 5,000 of the most common mistakes. Each common mistake is mapped to the likely correct word and categorised if the issue is associated with a particular spelling rule. Teachers are able to compare their class with all students across the system. The database of common mistakes will continue to expand with usage on the platform.

Soon, we will add Spelling Tools to the student writing section.  This provides assistance to students helping them to identify and rectify their common mistakes.

Log into your teacher account and try it out. Feel free to come back to us with any feedback. The Spelling Analytics can be found by clicking on the Spelling tab in the Teacher Dashboard. Enjoy analysing your spelling data!

If you are teaching writing to children grades 3 to 6, this may be a great time to explore how Writing Legends can assist. Navigating through all the aspects of the writing process can be challenging. We can help guide learners through their writing development, providing prompts, tools and opportunities for timely feedback. As part of our Assistance for Schools response to Coronavirus, we are providing Writing Legends free of charge through to July 31, 2020.
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