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Writing Legends - Assistance For Schools Response

Free Resource | Comprehensive Writing Program

The well-being of our community – both teachers and students – is important to us. The ongoing situation is changing and many of you are experiencing the impact of this pandemic. Writing Legends is a comprehensive writing program containing hundreds of activities for students in years 3 to 6. As part of our Assistance for Schools response to Coronavirus, Writing Legends is provided free of charge through to July 31, 2020. The regular price is US$11.50 per student.

Who is Writing Legends for?

Writing Legends is here to enhance opportunities for teachers to efficiently and effectively focus on student needs by zoning in on high impact learning experiences. 

What is Writing Legends ?

When teaching writing, how can technology be of greatest benefit? We set out to answer this question – Writing Legends is what we have come up with !

Assist Writing
Model Support
Build Independence
Showcase Greatness
Supercharge Teaching

Created with love by passionate teachers!

Paul Grover was a high school English Coordinator for over twenty years, prior to becoming a lecturer at Charles Sturt University. Paul has written a range of English textbooks and online teaching & learning resources.

Anita Knight is a NZ teacher who for over twenty years has taught students from age 4 to 14. Currently a Year 5 & 6 teacher, Anita has also taught in England, China and Singapore.

Craig Kemp is a New Zealand born teacher & leader with experience from Year 2 to 10. Craig now works as an EdTech consultant, supporting schools globally with the authentic and purposeful integration of technology to support learning.

Shane Hill was a teacher in Australia and Canada for eleven years prior to inventing programs such as Mathletics, Spellodrome, Skoolbo, the da Vinci Decathlon and Storyathon. Collectively, these programs have been used by tens of millions of students.

Showcase Every Child's Greatness
Guide Learners Through Writing Development
Create an environment where each child's best writing can shine
Students Benefit From Seeing Exemplars
Writing Legends - Key Features

Feature Overview

  • Quick Writes
  • Podcasts
  • Writing Types
  • Writing Process Activities
  • Annotated Exemplars
  • Checklists
  • Class Review
  • Student Replay
  • Positive Feedback
  • Independent Status
  • Vocabulary Analysis
  • Set Activities

200+ Writing Activities

  • Narratives
  • Persuasive Texts
  • Advertisements
  • Biographies and Autobiographies
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Diary and Blog Writing
  • Discursive Writing
  • Emails, Texting and Messaging
  • Information Texts
  • Instructions and Procedures
  • Letter Writing and Invitations
  • Newspaper Reports
  • Scriptwriting 
  • Poetry
  • Recounts
  • Reviews and Interviews
Writing Legends - The Door Of Mystique
Writing Legends - You're Invited

What Teachers Say About Writing Legends

“Thanks for providing this amazing resource – it is proving to be extremely invaluable during this extraordinary time. Much appreciated.”
Teacher – Melbourne, Australia

“Thank you so much for providing this free of charge for the moment. It has been so useful to be able to see what the children are writing while we are in lockdown here in New Zealand.”
Teacher – New Zealand

“My students have thoroughly enjoyed using Writing Legends and I have found it very beneficial as a teacher. The range of activities and types of writing is amazing! Thank you!
Year Six Teacher – New South Wales, Australia

Writing Legends