Storyathon Term 3 – A New Theme

Term 3  Storyathon is underway. Your challenge is to write a story that is exactly 100 words on the theme: Australia and/or New Zealand today. We’re looking forward to seeing the wonderful stories that the students come up with! Student Writing Period goes through to Wednesday 9 September. Storyathon remains a free event. Storyathon is … Read more

Storyathon – Term 2 Winning Stories

Students created over 20,000 stories on Term 2 Storyathon “A Different World – Living in Lockdown”. It has provided tremendous insight into how children across various ages and locations have responded to the incredibly challenging times. The insights have received considerable media attention as well. The Weekend Australian published 20 – 21 June 2020: Lockdown locks in new … Read more

Storyathon deadline today

The writing prompt above is the current Storyathon theme. The deadline for submission is today, 17 June. Please encourage your students to proofread and edit their creations. Haven’t started creating yet? It’s not too late. On average, students spend 23 minutes creating their stories. Why stop at one story?Many students create multiple stories. They can submit up … Read more

Help children write short stories

Some children absolutely love writing stories. Their eyes widen with excitement and their imagination gets fired up. They talk animatedly about the characters they are developing. They spend a lot of time developing plots and various scenes. They go into amazingly intricate detail about backdrops and scenery.  The truth is that these children enjoy the … Read more

A great story in exactly 100 words

Peppa Pig’s Temper Tantrum is a 100 word story written by Brilee T from Specimen Hill Primary School in Victoria, Australia. A great story  Brilee created this award-winning story after being challenged to write a “crazy pet” story. Brilee was voted the national champion in the grade 5/6 category of the Storyathon competition. Australian students … Read more

Let’s write microstories!

 What is a microstory? A microstory is simply a short story. Why write microstories? Students love writing microstories. It’s a fun, short activity.  It’s a chance to celebrate writing. As tiny narratives, it’s an opportunity to experiment with different words and focus a message. What is Storyathon? Storyathon is an exciting and free online event … Read more

Microstories celebrate writing for kids

As a teacher, you want to do work that matters. You want to drive impact, to inspire but also to effect change. Despite all the challenges you face, you do the work you do because of your students and the connection you’ve made with them. The challenges of teaching creative writing Teaching poses many challenges. Teaching … Read more


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