Supporting student writing activities – the podcast

How can teachers support  student writing activities?   One way to garner curiosity and spark new ideas is through a podcast. Let’s explore how this works within Writing Legends. The image above is from one of the writing activities offered. It’s called The Wolf’s Revenge. Students are asked to write an opening paragraph for a story. An  … Read more

How Spelling Analytics can assist in teaching writing

Following  our earlier post, Analysing student writing and determining common mistakes, we expand on some of the ideas about how teachers can analyse student writing further. If you are looking to identify trends in your students’ writing, how would this look like within Writing Legends?  In the teacher dashboard, you are able to see a portfolio … Read more

Analysing student writing and determining common mistakes

Are you looking to identify clear trends in your students’ writing? Would you like to gather data that can help you develop supporting activities to better target the teaching of spelling at both the class and individual level? We are unbelievably excited to announce the release of Spelling Analytics within Writing Legends. We feel this … Read more

Activities for 18 Types of Writing

In an earlier post, we explored one sample writing activity – the Quick Write. Did you know that Writing Legends contains both Quick Write focus activities as well as Full Process Writes? We have 18 types of writing available. These include: Advertisements Diary and Blog Writing Information Texts Letter Writing and Invitations Persuasive Texts Reviews … Read more

Sample writing activity – This is a Quick Write

What does a sample writing activity look like? This is a Quick Write. Each fortnight students are presented with four Quick Write focus activities. These are ideal lesson starters. Why? Above everything else, we want students to enjoy writing and thinking of new ideas. Quick Writes are environments where writing is not expected to be perfect. … Read more

How Writing Legends Can Help During School Closures

As a teacher facing school closures and remote learning at this time, are you looking for ways to engage your students in writing?  Many teachers need immediate support in getting things in place for their students. As part of our Assistance for Schools and Families ( in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and … Read more


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