Let’s write microstories!

 What is a microstory?

A microstory is simply a short story.

Why write microstories?

Students love writing microstories. It’s a fun, short activity.  It’s a chance to celebrate writing. As tiny narratives, it’s an opportunity to experiment with different words and focus a message.

What is Storyathon?

Storyathon is an exciting and free online event for:

  • US and Canada – Grades 3 to 6;
  • Australia – Years 3 to 8; and
  • New Zealand – Years 4 to 9.

In this event, students are challenged to write a story that is exactly 100 words.

Why was Storyathon developed?

  • So students can value writing

Quite simply, we want students to value writing, much like they value sports, hobbies or other pursuits. Writing a story that is exactly 100 words is fun and provides students with an opportunity to celebrate writing. They’re tiny narratives challenging students to tighten up their language, experiment with words and focus their message.

  • To raise the profile of writing at your school

These stories can be showcased in any number of ways:

  • Frame on walls and create corridor or foyer displays;
  • include in your school newsletter, website or social media;
  • convert into podcasts for online access.

Is this a contest?

This is more of a creative writing event  rather than a contest. The overriding principle is to have lots of participation and for the students to have fun of course. There are many great  stories but the main thing is to garner more participation and enjoyment for all students. 

Who is Storyathon for?

Storyathon is an exciting online writing event challenging students to write a story that is exactly 100 words. It has been inspired by the work of the highly acclaimed high school teacher and university lecturer, Paul Grover.  Students are encouraged to read other students’ microstories and enjoy them. Students are actively involved as judges in this event.

What’s great about this?

  • it is exciting and free to join;
  • a fun experience where students are presented with a unique challenge;
  • at exactly 100 words , it is a quick activity to engage in;
  • the stories can be showcased in newsletters, website, social media and framed on walls;
  • an opportunity to raise the profile of writing at your school;
  • an inclusive and accessible learning activity;
  • participation is flexible – join each term or up to 4 times year;
  • be part of a community of learners;
  • students are actively involved as judges;
  • students are able to read other microstories and enjoy them.

How can I participate?

  1. As a teacher, simply visit storyathon.com to sign up. 
  2. You can either login with your Google Classroom credential or register with the Class Admin on the website.
  3. Once registered, create your classroom and upload your student details to begin.

Where does this event take place?

This is an online event that happens every school term and up to 4 times a year.

If you’d like to find out more or to register, visit storyathon.com. Happy writing !

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