Assistance for Schools and Families in Canada

These are extraordinary times and the pressure on everyone is immense. We would like to summarise our Assistance for Schools and Families response to Coronavirus. Assistance for SchoolsFree access to our new Writing Legends program (usually $15.50 CAD) for 8 to 14 year olds through to July 31, 2020. Writing Legends is particularly helpful for engaging students in writing … Read more

What are some of the biggest challenges students face in learning writing?

Anything of significance that we do (especially new or difficult things) requires a lot of us. Oftentimes, this is far more than we realize or even care to admit.  The challenge with new or difficult activities  To take on a new or difficult activity requires motivation, a clear idea of how the activity benefits us … Read more

Help children write short stories

Some children absolutely love writing stories. Their eyes widen with excitement and their imagination gets fired up. They talk animatedly about the characters they are developing. They spend a lot of time developing plots and various scenes. They go into amazingly intricate detail about backdrops and scenery.  The truth is that these children enjoy the … Read more

Let’s celebrate effort and achievement

Celebrating a milestone or achievement can give a child such an amazing feeling. It is incredibly wonderful when someone notices not just the achievement but the effort put in. It is even better when this effort is publicly acknowledged. Celebrate achievement  Why shouldn’t we celebrate achievement? It boosts the child’s confidence and increases their motivation.  … Read more

10 simple tricks for making writing fun and helping reluctant writers

Many children struggle with writing. Some teachers labour over the right approach to provide the support children need. Should teachers focus on process writing where the emphasis is on activities such as brainstorming? Should they be overly strict about grammar and punctuation? Perhaps there may be a way to achieve great results while making the whole … Read more

Writing prompts ignite imagination

What is a writing prompt?  A writing prompt or a theme guides the student as to what to do when they begin the writing process. A story starter is one type of writing prompt. An example of a story starter is “Knock knock! I answered the door…  However, writing prompts can appear in other forms … Read more

A great story in exactly 100 words

Peppa Pig’s Temper Tantrum is a 100 word story written by Brilee T from Specimen Hill Primary School in Victoria, Australia. A great story  Brilee created this award-winning story after being challenged to write a “crazy pet” story. Brilee was voted the national champion in the grade 5/6 category of the Storyathon competition. Australian students … Read more

Let’s write microstories!

 What is a microstory? A microstory is simply a short story. Why write microstories? Students love writing microstories. It’s a fun, short activity.  It’s a chance to celebrate writing. As tiny narratives, it’s an opportunity to experiment with different words and focus a message. What is Storyathon? Storyathon is an exciting and free online event … Read more