Storyathon deadline today

Storyathon - A different world. Living in lockdown.

The writing prompt above is the current Storyathon theme. The deadline for submission is today, 17 June. Please encourage your students to proofread and edit their creations.

Haven’t started creating yet? 
It’s not too late. On average, students spend 23 minutes creating their stories.

Why stop at one story?
Many students create multiple stories. They can submit up to three entries.

When can teachers select the finalists?
You can select the finalists once the student writing period has ended. 

Have you tried printing the stories? They can look fantastic up on a wall, especially if framed or laminated. Happy writing!

In comparison to stories prior to COVID-19:

Friends – used 6 times more often
Family – used 4 times more often
Virus – used 7,000 times more often
Boring – used 20 times more often
Zoom – used 25 times more often
Isolation – not previously used
Restrictions – not previously used
Sanitizer – not previously used
Cases – not previously used
Baking – used 43 times more often
Netflix – used 17 times more often
Grandparents – used 9 times more often
Bikes – used 21 times more often
Zombies – used 48 times more often
Government – used 11 times more often
Scientists – used 6 times more often


Storyathon - Quarantine Rhymes
Storyathon - Our Front Line Hero

Storyathon is an exciting and free online event where students are challenged to write a story that is exactly 100 words. Since launching in August 2019, Storyathon has quickly become Australia’s largest story writing program with more than 50,000 stories already written. Teachers, feel free to join in at 


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