Storyathon Term 1 Winners Australia and New Zealand

We are delighted to announce the winning stories for Term 1 Storyathon in Australia and New Zealand. There were almost 20, 000 entries and 70,000 student votes which was phenomenal given the disruption that everyone has been dealing with.

It is wonderful to honor and enjoy the winning stories. However, it is the overall participation and fostering of a belief that “everyone is an author” that we are most focused on.

Please read these stories with your class. Older winning stories are also captured on the Story Showcase.

Storyathon Winner - The Boy Whos Named Oops

National Champion – Australia Middle Primary:  Ash E, Pearsall Primary School, WA Australia

Storyathon Winner - The Stinky Rubbish Bin

National Champion – New Zealand Middle Primary:  Genevieve B, Glamorgan School, AUK New Zealand

Storyathon Winner - The Sociopath

National Champion – Australia Upper Primary:  Siahn M, North Woodvale Primary School, WA Australia

Storyathon - The Train Murder

National Champion – New Zealand Upper Primary:  Layla N, Winton School, STL New Zealand

Storyathon Winner - Bored

National Champion – Australia Lower Secondary:  Josie F, Calrossy Anglican School, NSW Australia

Storyathon Winner - Sickness

National Champion – New Zealand Lower Secondary:  Annika S, Clarkville School, CAN New Zealand


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