Supporting student writing activities – the podcast

Supporting student writing activities - the podcast
How can teachers support  student writing activities?
One way to garner curiosity and spark new ideas is through a podcast. Let’s explore how this works within Writing Legends. The image above is from one of the writing activities offered. It’s called The Wolf’s Revenge. Students are asked to write an opening paragraph for a story. An  image is provided alongside two tips:
  • Tip #1 Don’t try to tell the whole story.
  • Tip #2 End it on a cliffhanger.
We also provide sample podcasts. This is the sample podcast for The Wolf’s Revenge. It runs for two minutes and showcases an example response while providing some analysis on the positive elements.

Why consider using podcasts? 

Podcasts are incredibly popular today. As Brad Adgate mentioned in his Forbes article,Podcasting is going mainstream , there are now 62 million Americans listening to podcasts each week, up from 19 million in 2013.  Many podcasts are also developed for children, who are increasingly familiar with this medium.

Why did Writing Legends develop these podcasts? We did this to give students greater confidence that the writing activities are achievable. Further, they help foster a community of learners where ideas are celebrated. Podcasts are just one of the ways teachers can provide a range of supporting elements that encourage creativity and interest in the writing activity itself.
If you are teaching writing to children grades 3 to 6, this may be a great time to explore how Writing Legends can assist. Navigating through all the aspects of the writing process can be challenging. We can help guide learners through their writing development, providing prompts, tools and opportunities for timely feedback. As part of our Assistance for Schools response to Coronavirus, we are providing Writing Legends free of charge through to July 31, 2020.
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